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Each year, $1,500,000 are redistributed to non-profit youth and/or amateur sports organizations.


Since 1984, Operation Red Nose has played an important role in raising awareness about the dangers of impaired driving. The organization has stood out with its unique service and its humorous and non-judgemental approach. In addition to its annual volunteer driving service offered during the holiday season, Operation Red Nose offers a number of unique initiatives that educate the public about road safety all year long.

Interactive Conference
Offered by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec in collaboration with Operation Red Nose
Importance of wearing a seat belt
Accident simulation with the rollover vehicle

C’est notre tournée!
Free interactive conference in the workplace
Made possible since 2006 through Operation Red Nose and Educ’alcool
Participants learn how to address the subject of alcohol with teenagers
Participants learn about the impact of alcohol on your health
Tips and advice to organize your party

Tournée Party sans déraper
More than 240 schools visited in the province of Quebec
Orchestrated since 1989 by Operation Red Nose and Educ’alcool
Promotes road safety to young people age 16 to 21

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